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      About Us

      XIAMEN BEATLECARE ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY FACTORY------- produced and exporter of ALTERNATING PRESSURE PUMP AND MATTRESS, which is a national high and new-technology corporation. We have our own R &D , production line, and sales department for medical equipment. And we can do our products in your brand name.

      Our products are sold well all over the domestic market, and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europen, American countries and regions. We are getting much reputation and support from our customers home and abroad .


      2011 SHANGHAI Health:

      June.17th-20th 2011 .booth no. 6a.no20


      2012  Arab Health 2012 : 23th January to 26th January 2012



      Medica Fair in Germany:Nove.14th-17th 2012

      BOOTH NO.7aE30-D




      2012 New Info:

      2012 CMEF(ICMD) Autumn,Chengdu,China:Hall9-A12 from Oct.18th-Oct.21th,2012.

      2012 Medica in Germany: Hall 7A-E30D from Nov. 14th-Nov.17th,2012

      2013 New Info:

      2013 Arab Health, Dubai International Exhibition Centre:8A50 from Jan.28th-Jan.31st,2013.

      2013 CMEF in Shenzhen,China, Stand number: Hall 3-J01,from April 17th - Apirl 20th. 2013.

      2014 New Info:

      2014 CMEF in Shenzhen,China, Stand number: Hall 5-A09,from April 17th - Apirl 20th. 2013.

      Looking forward to meeting you in our booth.

      2015 CMEF in Shanghai,China, Stand number: Hall 7.1-NO.X27,from May 15th - 18th. 2015.

      Looking forward to meeting you in our booth.

      2015 CMEF in WuHan,China, Stand number: Hall B1-NO.K28,from Oct 18th - 21th. 2015.

      Looking forward to meeting you in our booth.

      2016 CMEF in Shanghai,China, Stand number: Hall 7.1-NO.Y56,from Apr 17th - 20th. 2016.

      2016 CMEF in

      Shenzhen,ChinaStand number: Hall6 R17 of 2 Floor,from Oct 29th - 1th. 2016.


      2017 CMEF in Shanghai,China, Stand number: Hall 7.1-NO.K39-K41,from May 15th - 18th. 2017.

      CE Certification:                                                             ISO:13485                                                             SFDA:




      2017-13-16 NOVEMBER 2017 DüSSELDORF GERMANY HALL:71H08-4


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